3 modules

The system is assembled from three modules. The motorized modules that make out the floor layout. The racks for goods. A controller for pathfinding and efficient picking.


The modules are our core technology and build with simplicity in mind. On each module are placed four directional discs for moving the shelves in any direction. 


Our standard racks are designed with freedom and flexibility in mind. The compartments are adjustable and will fit most product groups in the market.


The controller operates the Warehouse Control System (WCS). It handles path planning and communication with your Warehouse Management System (WMS).


Given the fact that the average picking time is 10+ seconds in most cases, a simple eStore has enough transportation capacity for supporting most picking profiles at one picking stations and potential two picking stations.

Simulations conducted by 

720racks / hr


Scale your business and expand the system at the same time. Connect the modules around corners, columns and other obstacles in your warehouse. 





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    This work is funded by Christian Nielsens Fund, Syddansk Innovation, GIPO and the Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD) under File No. 6123-00327B.

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